Sales Management Platform

Planning the building process thoroughly to solve the functional complexity

UX Designer
June-Aug 2020
image of the order management platform


SellToy is a powerful platform integrating ERP, E-commerce and even CRM. It's where the users can manage and grow their businesses, different from other e-commerce platform, SellToy is also focusing on solving the "pre-order workflow problems in the toy-distribution industry".

The goal of the product is to help the business in the toy-distribution industry to not only reduce the manual workflows which is time-consuming and inefficient, but also grow their business by focusing and investing time on the new sales opportunities and gaining the insights from reports.


We interviewed several users including managers, sales and small business owner in the toy distribution industry to understand their daily workflows. Not only did we research the users, we also went through bunches of competitors which are e-commerce order platforms and ERP systems to understand how they structured their platforms.

image of the persona two
Vincent, Sales Maneger

He has been in the company for 10 years, he’s very good at his job. Since the company has grew, he’s been trying to figure out a way to not only reduce the human errors that employees made but also manage the orders and sales data efficiently.

image of the persona one
Orion, Small Business Owner

He runs a small business which he loves in his free time. He likes to organize his work and tries to find a way to balance his life and work. He went through all the tools online in order to reduce the burden and the workflow from the small business.

image of the persona two
Char, Salesman

Since there wasn't a good tool or software in his company, he had to notify his client and do the same paper work everyday.


After doing the solid research, we defined 3 main problems in their daily workflows that we can solve by building the Order Management Platform:

  • Pre-order workflow problems in the toy industry include: different order methods, different products statuses in one order.
  • The distribution problem between the upstream and downstream companies.
  • There was no efficient way to monitor sales performance for the managers.


In this process, the team ended up having different opinions on user friendliness and business strategy. How to balance B2B users and B2C users at the same time with just enough features and provide feedback for future product development?
We listed all the features from both side users insights which we got from the user interviews on the whiteboard. After that, we started to analyze the similarity between each feature and kept the more suitable one without sacrificing any features.
After having countless meetings trying to fix the user friendly problems, we all finally met each other in the middle.

image of the payment status page

The scope

image of the shipping status page

Paper Sketches


Order Status Management
We separated 2 different statuses which are payment status and shipping status to solve the pre-order workflow problems such as different order methods, different products statuses in one order.

image of the payment status page

Payment status

image of the shipping status page

Shipping status

Sales Performance
We also solved the problem of monitoring sales performance for the managers. Not only does the manager but also the sales can view the performance of the sales and the product at the sales page.

image of the payment status page

Sales performance

image of the shipping status page

Product performance

Access Management
Since there will be different levels of users using the platform, we created a settings page for the users to manage the user accesses.

image of the user control page

User Control

image of the access control page

Access Control


The images below are the example for the detailed layout guide for the front end developer to follow, unfortunately this project never reached the stage and production.

image of the payment status page

Page structure

image of the shipping status page

Nav and Card components